Colourful, engaging Sunbaba branding was a core ingredient for CBeebies Big Day Out, at the Beach Lawns, Weston-super-Mare seafront, this summer, with the event tailored to families with kids six years and under.
Produced by BBC Learning as part of the ‘Dish Up’ campaign, the Big Day Out was actually five days, with a focus on making cooking fun and accessible. As well as sage culinary advice from the likes of the Dairy Council, it came rife with opportunities for the young to meet some of their favourite CBeebies stars and take part in an array of free activities.

The event was laid out festival-style with activities designed to inspire, excite and encourage cooking at home and having fun in the kitchen, as well as learning more about healthy eating and where our food comes from. There was an outdoor CBeebies stage with performances throughout the day and Sunbaba branding ensured the fans, and their families, didn’t miss a trick.


Production company Creator contracted Sunbaba to produce and supply a range of high impact, high quality branding, which both adults and young children could understand and appreciate. With a three week lead time, the resulting banners provided for Heras fencing, backdrops, PA scrims, crowd control barrier skins, flags, inflatables and pop ups, with Sunbaba choosing the best material for each and, crucially, maintaining a consistency in the presentation.
Sunbaba’s design team used a 5m wide, NUR Expedio machine to print the Big Day Out branding at 1,000dpi, in full colour. The company also incorporated a new, enhanced smoothing technique for the first time to help achieve the requisite vibrant shades, which added to the fun environment.

CBeebies stage branding for a children's performance
CBeebies stage branding alongside a vibrant Pop-Up banner