Any Disney film is launched with a gusto of promotional activity and the release of Wreck it Ralph was no exception. Sunbaba worked alongside agency Mission on the films PR experience over in London’s Brick Lane.

At the spot in east London it was transformed into 8 Bit Lane, a pixelated world of 80’s arcade characters and props. Amongst impressive polystyrene scale models of dogs and taxis, the creative was pushed further to create the world’s first Bippable building graphic.


Using a building fascia in the lane as a canvas, Sunbaba was tasked to provide a 11.5 x 16.5m graphic, accessible for fans to interact through their smart phone apps.

Scaffolding contractor Damian Weymouth from Road Runner Rigging recommended the Sunbaba service commenting that the material “withstood a week of unusually high wind, the fit of the graphic was great and high quality for easy installation”.

In order to ensure a lighter wind loading DigiSound PVC mesh was recommended. The acoustically transparent material typically used for PA scrim branding as well as creative applications gave the strength and air permeability required for attachment to the scaffolding. Reinforced with rope edges for further strengthening at fixing points, the building graphic towered over the project allowing smartphones and tablets to make the wall come alive.

Ultramesh building wrap with interactive qualities