Sunbaba delivered a wide range of branding solutions for the Airbnb Open Conference, held in Paris. With 5000 hosts travelling from more than 110 countries, in order to learn from each other.

Over the two days, the conference gave Airbnb’s, host community a chance to connect with one another, allowing them to share tips and stories about their experiences, whilst also hearing from a range hospitality experts.


Sunbaba produced booths for use as lounge areas, as well as flags, branded scaffold structures, directional signage, maps and an information centre, combining to create cohesive brand awareness and experience.

Jonathan Booth, Director at Sunbaba commented: “I felt the Airbnb job was a great example of how to fill a large exhibition space with bold sculptural and architectural shapes without a long and costly build schedule.”

Scaffold structure branding for the AirBnb Open exhibition
AirBnb Drapes produced from Flag fabric
AirBnb drapes produced from Flag fabric
AirBnb Drapes produced from Flag fabric
Scaffolding structure graphics for AirBnb Open
AirBnb Open conference 2015