Sunbaba was asked by Vision Events to supply backdrops for a FedEx and TNT presentation and we were only too happy to help. They required a huge backdrop graphic for the stage area where the presentation announcing the merger of FedEx and TNT, at Fed-Ex’s Headquarters took place.


To provide maximum impact, we produced two display polyester backdrops for the stage, delivering an excellent, high quality finish for print, that is achieved through a dye- sublimated process, and can be supplied up to 3 metres wide at any length.

The presentation included a big reveal to add to the excitement and we had featured a Kabuki drop to fulfil this requirement. The backdrop was mounted onto clips that were remotely and electronically controlled to allow the drop to be released, once activated it fell flat to the ground, revealing the background image and reinforcing the message to the audience.

Large scale backdrop for FedEx & TNT