Sunbaba, was on hand to deliver Live Nation a screening solution with a practical and compliant application when they produced Kasabian’s homecoming gig at Leicester’s King Power Stadium. Held to celebrate the premiership club’s amazing victory, the local boys performed to a sell-out crowd.


Transforming a football stadium into a concert venue, when tens of thousands of concert goers are expected is no mean feat and presents a number of challenges to the organisers. Sunbaba, reacted quickly to the brief, from Live Nation’s production manager, Keith Wood and supplied over 4000 m2 of screening. This was required not only to improve aesthetics but due to the constraints of the venue the organiser, Live Nation, needed to ensure that particular areas of the stadium weren’t accessible by the general public for their own safety.
Keith Wood, the event’s production manager said: “Using screening is a highly effective way of cordoning off areas from the general public. On this occasion we needed to ensure that the top few rows of the stadium weren’t accessible as there were concerns about people dancing/ jumping around in those areas. We also wanted to ensure that the pitch wasn’t invaded so we screened off the last two rows. It was a fairly last minute project but Sunbaba was able to react quickly and turn it around within the time frame.”

Kasabian playing to crowds at King Power Stadium