Sunbaba delivered the set for Stafford Gatehouse Theatre’s 2018/19 season pantomime of Dick Whittington. Utilising our innovative new printing process and Mambo material we produced a stage header, several backdrops and doorways for the popular performance this Christmas.

Mambo is a material that can make use of our three layer print solution. This can be used to produce vibrant and visually effective graphics. The system includes a masked layer at the back which darkens areas to produce a more dramatic effect; a middle layer with the maximum amount of white to increase the light diffusion across the material and then a top layer with the full composition which, when backlit, allows different amounts of light through parts of the material as there are different levels of opacity. In this case, we wanted to create the effect of a street at night-time with ‘lit up’ windows in the houses above but with the rest of the artwork remaining unlit.


  • Header Banner in 3 sections; all in Polyester Canvas:
    • 2 off 4.66 x 1.22m
    • 1 off 5.08 x 1.22m
  • 3 Backdrops: 10m x 5m in Mambo Backlit
  • Doorway: 4.0m by 2.7m in Mambo Backlit

To read more about the Mambo material and how you can make it work for you, click through to our product insight.

Richard Goodman of Freedom Leisure commented: “The show was a great success and the set look lovely. It lit really well, dare I say better than I thought. Thanks again for everything on this production, it was very easy working with you.”

Mambo Backlit backdrop for Dick Whittington pantomime