Sunbaba was on hand to deliver any new event signage requirements for the London Marathon when it took place on 23rd April 2017. Working directly with the organiser the company has produced a raft of signage and branding for the prestigious event over many  years.

Project managed by Amelie Cross, Amelie worked closely with the London Marathon organising team to produce the artwork. This included painstakingly ensuring that there were reference points for the scaffolders. These needed to be included within the print so that the scaffolders knew the exact place to fix the graphics but not be visible to racegoers and spectators.


On a course that spans 26.2 miles the event signage requirement is extensive, as it is produced using robust materials much of it can be re-used year on year. This time round Sunbaba produced a refresh for the Red and Blue start areas of the course. This included three gantries for the blue zone area to demark the Blue Zone, Blue Start and Blue Baggage and then, two further gantries for the red zone demarking the Red Zone and Red Baggage. Everything was produced using PVC so that it could be stapled to the scaffolding.

In addition, Sunbaba supplied eight new crowd barriers covers in an air-permeable material to ensure crowd safety.

A vibrant gantry for the London Marathon 2017
Sunbaba branding