Working with client ISG Retail, the retail fit and construction experts, Sunbaba produced and installed a Scaffold Wrap for Selfridges’ iconic Oxford Street store Selfridges during its recent refurbishment.

With a height of more than 25 metres to cover, the wrap was produced in two pieces with the lower scrim measuring 13.8 m (w) x 9.1 (h) whilst the upper scrim measured 15.65m (w) x 16.8 m (h). Both pieces included rope reinforced edging to improve material strength at the load bearing ends. The scrims were manufactured using Sunbaba’s unique Ultramesh material, with permeable features it is perfect for inclement weather and outdoor use. The client provided a RAL number for a neutral colour to ensure minimum attention from passers-by which Sunbaba was able to match.

The installation was completed by rope access specialists Hi-Maintenance Limited and scaffolders AllTask. It took 12hrs to complete the installation with a team of four. The framework was built around the scaffolding to ensure that the scrim remained flat and was clear of any protruding scaffold poles.

Window panes

Following successful completion of the scaffold tower wrap, Sunbaba was asked to produce some safety panels to mitigate the risk of falling debris from the windows at construction level. The artwork for these panels was produced using on-site photography and Photoshop composition, replicating the image of the windows behind the safety panels.