Friendsfest returned to cities up and down the UK this Summer. Organised by Comedy Central and the Luna Cinema, the event brings together fans of the TV show Friends for a day packed-full of memorable experiences.

Sunbaba supplied printed heras fencing, custom banners and stage scrims to assist in creating an event where fans could feel as if they were stepping into the world of Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross.

The branding features the iconic Friends’ and Central Perk logo, along with a number of famous Friends’ references including Monica’s photo frame around the spyhole, ‘we were on a break’ and the turkey, setting the tone for the event. Once inside, visitors were treated to can get a full set tour including Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Monica’s apartment and even Ross and Rachel’s ill-fated wedding venue; the Vegas Chapel of Love!

With plenty of opportunities for selfies and for fans to fully immerse themselves in the Friends universe, it was essential that the supplies from Sunbaba were of the highest quality. With fans treated to everything from recreating the titles and grabbing a coffee in Central Perk, to relaxing whilst watching classic episodes on the giant stage, it was vital that the banners and more perfectly captured the iconic aesthetic of Friends.

Friendsfest has already taken place in Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle, stops in Bristol and Brighton are next up before it draws to a close in London.


  • 30 x Heras fence branding in 21.m by 1.84m sized rolls
  • 1 x front lit PVC banner measuring 8.8m by 0.8m in a semi-coated PVC
  • 2 x Digisound stage scrims measuring 3.4m by 5.2m
FriendsFest 2018 Event Branding