A maintenance project at London Bridge’s Tower Hotel earlier this year required our services in order to conceal construction activity and keep pedestrians safe.


The initial request was for large mesh scrims, as is sometimes the case for projects involving conventional scaffolding structures and building facia. 

Sunbaba conducted a site inspection with the assistance of our installation partners, Hi-Maintenance. The assessment was made that one or two large nets would unlikely meet the needs of the client for any reasonable amount of time. The varied heights, depths and lengths of each section requiring concealment, as well as the high footfall and weather prone environment, meant that scrims of this type would likely suffer aesthetically and practically. 

We proposed instead a modular option. Instead of attempting to wrap large, individual meshes around the section in question, we suggested 16 precisely measured and cut panels, each fit to a specific part of the structure. We put together some visual renders to explain to the client exactly what this would look like. 

We outlined the benefits that we believed this would offer: a cleaner appearance; a far lesser likelihood of tears and rips due to the lack of slack; and a considerably easier task of replacing panels if they did become worn, damaged, or if the client wished to implement some new branding element in the future. 

Modular installation would mean that replacement panels could be installed quickly and easily, without having to disturb the otherwise clean and seamless wrapping.

After gathering agreement in principle from the client, we conducted another site visit with Hi-Maintenance to get accurate measurements and, together with the visual renders, proofed and labelled our suggestions, detailing how they would fit within the environment. The discussion was opened to wider stakeholders in other to gather all necessary feedback and ensure all expectations were fulfilled.

Once this was signed off, a third and final site visit was made in order to confirm the final dimensions and ensure that everything would fit exactly on installation. Final accurate renders were provided to the end client before production commenced.

Once final sign-off was gathered and all stakeholders and participants had clarity on the project, the 16 assets were produced. Each panel was separately bagged and clearly labelled with individual proofs. For a busy installation site, and in this case, a situation in which packaged panels would otherwise look the same at a glance, this was a necessary extra step in order to allow for a timely and uncomplicated installation.

Panel Renders
Tower Hotel Proof
Tower Hotel Outcome