Month: June 2019

Festival Branding

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts commences today. Over the last 50 years, Glastonbury has steadily grown into a global icon. We have worked with Glastonbury a few times and we are very excited about this year’s iteration.  Music festivals, particularly newer ones, face a unique challenge when it comes to branding. Glastonbury has cultivated […]

Angostura Bitters

Angostura Bitters is a highly concentrated bitters based on gentian, herbs and spices. Founded in 1820 by a German doctor, Dr. Johann Siegert, the bitters were originally intended as a medicine to improve the appetite and digestive well-being of Simón Bolívar’s army in Venezuela. In 1824, after much trial and error, Dr. Siegert eventually settled […]

Welcome to the Sunbaba team, Jeremy!

The Sunbaba family are delighted to welcome Jeremy to the team this month. Joining us under the title of Account Manager, Jeremy will be utilising the various skills he has built up since leaving the University of Sheffield to provide a great experience for our clients. With part of his heritage originating in Australia, Jeremy […]