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Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts commences today. Over the last 50 years, Glastonbury has steadily grown into a global icon. We have worked with Glastonbury a few times and we are very excited about this year’s iteration. 

Music festivals, particularly newer ones, face a unique challenge when it comes to branding. Glastonbury has cultivated a brilliant reputation and its firmly established identity makes the decision-making process very easy for the 175,000 people who buy a ticket in the minutes following their release. New and hopeful festivals, on the other hand, have far less to lean on. This can make their branding choices considerably more difficult. 

A festival is essentially an outdoor space. The product is experiential and so there is a wide scope of choices for branding style and format. The UK festival circuit is well-trodden and so for non-genre specific festivals, effectively distinguishing your festival from others is crucial to turn this ‘outdoor space’ into a recognisable product with a memorable personality.

(credit: Andreas Gursky)

When we speak to festival organisers, oftentimes they will have a very clear mental image of how they would like their festival to look. Challenges mostly arise when putting those ideas to paper and to pitch. The fiddly logistics which emerge when making branding choices can be a great cause of anxiety, particularly when these decisions are often made in final weeks leading up to the event. 

This is when we are delighted to lend our services. 

We understand how stressful festival organisation can get, particularly on site. With 20 years of experience providing branding for festivals and events, we are absolutely diligent when making sure that not only are appropriate, high-quality materials used, but also that we take responsibility for ensuring timely delivery, a perfect fit and most importantly that your branding looks fantastic upon arrival.

We are proud that the service we offer is consistently reviewed as a major help and we are always keen to discuss your needs with you. Festivals of all sizes use Sunbaba and our bespoke services are always catered to your specific needs.  





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