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Large backdrops, theatre curtains, sponsorship campaigns, floor graphics, door names and wayfinding.

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Over the last few years, Sunbaba has built a strong reputation providing the branding for large, outdoor and studio-based broadcasts. 

Studio productions, theatres and outdoor televised events each have their own specific needs in relation to lighting, durability and vibrance, and we are always on hand to share our experience and advice in this area to help bring your brand to life.

Tight timeframes are a major consideration for this sector too, and this is front-of-mind for these types of projects. Last-minute sponsorship or environment changes are commonplace and so we’ve established a priority system to ensure that our lead times work to your schedule.

The nature of the broadcast sector means that branding requirements are often required to change from one event to the next. It’s great news for the environment when branding can stay the same, but if it can’t, we’ve been working to ensure that the most environmentally friendly option is clearly available.

You can find out more about our role in the move towards environmentally sustainable branding here.

Large backdrops, theatre curtains, sponsorship campaigns, floor graphics, door names and wayfinding.

Our Products

Single sided crowd control barrier mesh panels

Crowd Control Barrier Covers

Our crowd control barrier jackets are a very popular choice for large outdoor events such as festivals, sports competitions and public events where brand exposure is key.

Finish line gantry branding

Hard Substrates & PVC Banners

Event signage is an integral part of any outdoor event, helping to meet health and safety regulations, provide key information and increase brand awareness.

Printed Heras fence covers

Heras Fence Covers

A comprehensive stage branding package for music festivals and other large outdoor events.

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