Going Green

Here at Sunbaba we are committed to improving our options to help you strengthen your sustainability.

Consumer demand for eco-friendly events is rightly growing.

Supplier demand for convenient, affordable and quick procurement is rightly staying the same. Historically, these have been at odds, with environmentally friendly options coming at the expense of these needs. This is no longer the case.

We launched our eco-range almost two years ago and we’ve seen a major shift towards PVC-free materials and water-based inks in that time.

The feedback on the range, from print-quality to durability, has been fantastic. For repeat customers, eco-friendly branding is becoming the obvious choice rather than a risky one. Green technology continues to develop year on year and so does our ability and eagerness to guide clients toward these sustainable and cost-effective alternatives. Reusability is another major aspect in the shift towards greener branding.

Our entire product range has been carefully chosen to ensure that reusability is an option should you wish. For one-off events where branding is harder to re-use, we are working to develop feasbile recycling options to save your branding from land-fill.

If you would would like to learn more about the green options available to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Eco Case Study

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