NFL Experience London at Battersea Power Station

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NFL Experience London at Battersea Power Station

In October 2023, NFL Experience London took place at the historic Battersea Power Station, marking a significant event in the NFL 2023 London Games. This fan-centric event was a collection of activations, activities and performances, drawing in a diverse crowd of all ages to participate in the increasingly popular game and its spectacle.

Our goal was to make Battersea Power Station a space that was easy to navigate, while capturing the essence and excitement of the NFL. A key aspect of this was our Heras fence and crowd control barrier branding: an effective, cost-efficient and popular solution for wayfinding, turning functional barriers into branding opportunities.

For events of this type, we are always keen to advise branding strategies which help to manage footfall effectively while offering additional branding opportunities. Polyester backdrops were also a key part of this job, serving as brand and sponsorship promotions, activation signposts and navigational aids, guiding visitors through the event seamlessly. Placement was carefully planned to complement the industrial charm of Battersea Power Station, simplifying navigation while creating a cohesive brand identity throughout the site.


Overall, the branding successfully transformed Battersea Power Station into an NFL-themed venue, offering an engaging and well-organised experience for attendees, creating an immersive atmosphere that effectively showcased sponsors and represented the participating NFL teams. The positive reception from visitors and the enhanced visibility of the NFL and sponsors underscored the success of the branding strategy and the value of adaptable branding assets.

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