Increasing interconnectivity in the 2010s has been a major catalyst for creative leaps and bounds in the live events business. 

In an increasingly digitalised world, audience and consumer-facing industries are seeing growing demand for physical experiences as a way to spend their incomes. 

AI-driven playlists have broadened musical tastes. Social media has facilitated original approaches to set and stage design. Online promotion has made it easy for previously niche offerings to attract their tribes. 

This is great news for us, and you. 

We feel very optimistic about the next decade. Up-and-coming events, an array of global extravaganzas, significant moves towards improved sustainability.

Importantly too, 2020 will see a continued steady shift towards a richer understanding of work-related stress and approaches to assisting with the resulting impact on mental health more broadly.

The live events business is consistently ranked amongst the most stressful. Our role within this business is to alleviate as much of this stress as we can, simplifying the complicated world of large-format branding. Colouring in the details of your ideas. 

We do this by assigning a single dedicated account handler to every job. They will be on hand from initial enquiry through to timely delivery, giving you the information you need and the options you want. We never try to upsell, and we are completely focused on supplying your exact project requirements as smoothly as possible. 

Our clients consistently report the ease of working with us and our retention rates are evidence of this that we are very proud of. 

In 2020, we will be running with our Calmly Adding Colour To Your Event (#CACTYE) campaign. Even if we aren’t directly supplying you with physical branding – we are going to offer assistance in any other way that we can.

This assistance will include technical direction; artwork advice, tips and tricks; checklists for event organisation; blog coverage of creative marketing and case studies; environmental guides making it easier to prioritise on that basis; mindfulness materials included with our material sample packs and more.

The team at Sunbaba wish you a happy and fulfilled 2020 and beyond. We hope you had a fantastic holiday and we look forward to working with you soon!





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