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Introducing Sunbaba’s Sustainability Cards

The desire for eco-conscious events is booming and rightly so.

Over the last few years, our recycled materials (made from recycled PET bottles) have grown to become among the most popular in our range overall. Feedback on the print outcome and durability of these materials has been very encouraging and as the technology grows and costs come down, they’ve swiftly become a go-to choice rather than a risky one.

Still, understanding the environmental impact of materials can be confusing.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce Sunbaba’s Sustainability Cards.

This system is designed to illuminate the key factors relating to the environmental impact of each material, making it easier for you to make informed choices about the materials you use.

Here’s the breakdown:

Each material gets its own card, featuring four key categories:

1. Weight

Lighter materials (lower density) mean fewer transport emissions. 

Alongside the density, we’ve included a comparison score too. This (±%) score shows how the material’s weight compares to the average of materials used for a similar purpose.

Remember, total order weight and the chosen transport method play a role in the overall emissions.

2. Durability

This score assesses how long materials last and their reusability potential. It’s a qualitative measurement considering factors like storage viability (likelihood to crack, fade or otherwise degrade if stored for extended periods), lifespan while being used in their intended environment, and general resilience to wear and tear

3. Print Methods

We look at the toxicity of printing processes, ink composition, and curing methods. All our printed materials are solvent-free!

4. Material Composition

This evaluates the use of recycled materials and the material’s recyclability after use.

We deliberately avoid single “sustainability scores” or vague labels like “green” or “eco-friendly.” Instead, we provide objective facts alongside considered qualitative evaluations, giving you a balanced and comparative perspective on each material’s impact.


We’re hopeful that this will contribute to your decision-making process, helping you to select materials that best meet your sustainability objectives. If you would like any more information on our sustainability rankings or more information on materials themselves, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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