Festival Season

What a few weeks! After so long on ice, it’s great to see the events sector well and truly back in the swing of things. Everyone seems to be feeling the squeeze (a good thing!) trying to keep up with the demand for those events that people missed so much last year.

With that in mind, and with supply chains still feeling the effects of Brexit and the pandemic, it’s always worth getting the ball rolling as soon as possible if you’re looking to source branding for your event.

If you have a project coming up that you would like to discuss, or if you’d like a free sample pack, costing or discussion about your options, please do get in touch!

Product of the Week

Crowd-Control Barriers

Who would have thought we’d be so happy to see queues again!

Consider how you can integrate branding with the directional signage and crowd management systems at your event. 

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Tune of the Week

Say What You Will by James Blake

Album: Friends That Break Your Heart

Released: 2021 (UMG Recordings)

Podcast of the Week

West Cork

Audible’s most listened-to podcast series of all time, now available everywhere. 

In West Cork, it’s simply known as ‘the murder’. In 1996 French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier is found dead near her holiday home. There are no witnesses and no known motive.

Listen here.

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We have also been supplying a range of social-distancing signage options. Talk to a member of the team by hitting the link below.





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