Brexit Day

Britain formally leaves the European Union on Friday 31st January, 2020. ‘Brexit Day’ marks the beginning of an 11 month transition period, during which the future relationship between the UK and EU will be established. 

Our European neighbours constitute a significant share of the live events industry. Guests and organisers, promoters and performers, stakeholders and suppliers. Realignment of these relationships feels inevitable over the coming years. While further speculation over the exact consequences of our departure feels somewhat excessive, we are confident and optimistic that the UK’s vibrant live events business will continue to flourish. 

Take live music. This industry ‘is now at a record high and continues to draw millions of fans from both the UK and abroad to our arenas and smaller venues alike’, said Michael Dugher, the chief executive of UK music. Festival attendance currently sits at around 5 million, growing by 23% year-on-year and showing no signs of slowing.

The vibrant culture of the UK makes it an attractive hub for a wide array of events and it feels unlikely that this will change. In terms of physical and human resources, good trading and immigration relationships between the UK and EU remain mutually beneficial. Finally, across government advice and our existing EU relationships, we are doing what we can as a company to prepare in advance for any necessary tweaks to our supply chain. 

Our clients’ convenience is at the fore of our concern. We are committed to laying all of the necessary groundwork in the coming months, to ensure that your branding is delivered to the high standards you expect, on time and on budget.






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