Calmly Adding Colour To Your Event

Event coordinating is ranked among the most stressful occupations in the professional world.

For millions of years, the stress-response has been an invaluable tool. A quickened heart rate, faster breathing and muscle tension are all ingenious biological responses intended to help prevent a worst-case scenario. What we know as stress and anxiety are hard-wired defences used to kick us and our ancestors into action when faced with a crisis. 

Fast-forward to the present day and a major stressor is far more likely to look like a complicated logistical task than a Saber-toothed Tiger. While our stressors have morphed into less sinister threats, our responses are evolving more slowly.

Today, the cruel irony is that these ‘survival’ instincts now appear to work against us, disabling us from tackling the problem in a productive and rational way. 

A complex arrangement of stakeholder interests and a myriad of moving parts can feel overwhelming, particularly when that puzzle must be solved to a deadline. Fight or flight isn’t a suitable response, but that disabling feeling of stress can be hard to prevent. 

Workplace stress and ill mental health more broadly have received a lot of attention over the last decade and one need look no further than the immensely popular mindfulness and meditation outlets Headspace and Calm to spot the huge demand for help managing a cacophonous workload.

The French mathematician Blaise Pascal famously apologised for the extravagant length of one of his letters, explaining that he did not have time to write a shorter one. This witticism will feel familiar to anyone that works to a deadline: knowing that with more time, you could have produced something better. 

In this deadline-driven business, we recognise the demand not only for efficient delivery of your ideas but also a sensible allocation of responsibility. We are mindful of the help you might need and the information you want, and our priority is to make the process as straightforward as we possibly can. 

Our exceptional retention rates are a reflection of this, with our regular clients reporting the value of our flexibility and the simplicity of working with us. 

In short, you have the idea, we colour in the details.





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