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Targeted and easy to measure, spending on digital and pay-per-click advertising is set to overtake that of traditional ads this year, according to research firm eMarketer. During this surge, with a heavy leaning towards the technology and retail sectors, it can be easy to overlook the effectiveness of the more traditional and physical forms of promotion. 

Awareness is the first step towards a purchase decision, and traditional marketing methods have been proven to promote better brand recall than their digital counterparts. 

One such method is exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions. These events are fantastic opportunities to showcase your latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, check out your rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities. 


Amidst the current public health scare and plenty of speculation about events being postponed, we have gathered together some statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of exhibiting at these events. 


1.  81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.

–  Visitors at trade shows are typically influential decision makers at the companies they represent. This means little media wastage and a high ROI. 

–  Sоurсе: CEIR: Thе Sреnd Dесіѕіоn: Anаlуzіng Hоw Exhіbіtѕ Fіt Into the Ovеrаll Marketing


2.  64% of trade show attendees are not customers of the exhibitors’ companies.

–  There are plenty of opportunities for fresh prospects at trade shows, as well as the opportunity to maintain good relationships with existing customers, clients and suppliers. 

–  Source: Exhibit Surveys 2015


3.  71% of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) won business using face-to-face marketing. 

–  For business who don’t have huge advertising budgets, networking events such as trade shows are an effective means of generating new business.

–  Source: Display Wizard SME survey 2015


4.  An eye-catching stand is the most effective method for attracting attendees according to 48% of exhibitors surveyed.

–  This was followed by giveaways (34%) and social media (31%) in terms of popularity. 

–  Source: Display Wizard Exhibitor Survey 2017


5.  92% of trade show attendees say their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products being featured.

–  Exhibitions are a perfect occasion to launch a new product range or campaign, as attendees seek out fresh ideas and prospects.

–  Source:  CEIR: The Role and Value of Face to Face


Sunbaba are a leading supplier exhbition stand graphics, offering a broad range of Tension Fabric Systems to suit your requirements. If you are thinking of exhibiting at a trade show and would like to discuss your ideas with a member of the team, call 020 8988 9100 or request a quote on our quick online form.

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