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At the turn of the decade (7 weeks ago, to be less dramatic), we made a number of pledges to become greener as a company. Large-format branding is currently an unsustainable industry, until now one with a widespread preference for single-use PVC.

The dynamism of the events business means that there is a constant demand for ‘new’. While that is unlikely to change, there remain real steps that we can take as suppliers to lessen the environmental cost of that demand.


Today, we are happy to announce the first phase of that fulfilment.


The demand for high-quality and sustainable print solutions has been rapidly growing in recent years, up and down the supply chain. After a lengthy development process, the technology has now reached a stage at which environmentally responsible alternatives are both practically and financially viable.

Today, Sunbaba is happy to introduce four new, recycled and PVC-free materials to our range. These materials are suitable for a wide range of applications, from indoor exhibitions to large-format outdoor branding. The new range consists of the following:


1.  Eco Flag. (115 g/m2 B1 fire rated)

This material is made from recycled PET bottles, with interlocked fibres creating a flag material that performs wonderfully both indoors and out. It features 100% colour penetration to the reverse, creating a mirror image effect. Vibrant prints are produced using a dye-sub method. 


2. Eco Polyester Display. (205 g/m2 B1 fire rated)

Also made from recycled PET bottles, this material produces high-quality single-sided printed graphics. It is suitable for a range of contexts, including indoor tension-fabric exhibition stands and outdoor display systems. 


3. Eco Textile Mesh. (220 g/m2 B1 fire rated)

This material mesh is a PVC-free, polyester equivalent of our regular mesh material. It undergoes a dye-sublimation print process using water-based inks.  


4. Eco Mesh. (180 g/m2)

PVC free alternative to the standard mesh material. Its structure resembles PVC mesh but it’s made out of polyester and resin. This product looks and feels remarkably similar to our current PVC mesh, with its primary applications including crowd-control barriers and Heras fence branding. 


In developing these materials, we haven’t needed to make sacrifices on durability or print quality. They are competitively priced, but most importantly, a significant step towards a more sustainable business. 


If you would like to receive a sample pack, please email, or fill in our online enquiries form.


We are really excited to share this news and look forward to hearing your feedback.







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