Festival and Event Management Pain-Points

Music festivals are immensely popular. The amount of money spent directly by music tourists  (those visiting a town or city specifically for a festival or concert) has increased on average by £400M every year for the last seven years. Millennial attendance of music festivals has nearly doubled in just three years, and these trends do not appear to be slowing. 

Festivals are great fun to attend, fun which comes as a direct result of immense amounts of organisation, planning and investment. In 2017, Forbes ranked event management as the fifth most stressful job, amongst the ranks of senior corporate executives, airline pilots, and firefighters. 

There are many moving parts when it comes to event and festival organisation. At Sunbaba, we have identified a list of 6 of the industry’s major pain-points and explained what we do to help. 

Timeframes. Organising large-scale events means that a lot of separate tasks need to click in to place at the same time. When dealing with multiple suppliers, it can be a point of stress conveying the urgency of deadlines. 

We appreciate the complexity of organising these events. We are sure to get an immediate picture of our client’s deadlines and promise accurate lead-times on every job, keeping you updated at every stage of the process.

Reliability of suppliers. Following on from above, the general reliability of suppliers can be stressful, particularly when you don’t have an established relationship with the people you’re dealing with.

We boast consistently positive reviews from our clients, many of whom we supply regularly. We never over-sell, and our aim is always to retain customers for years to come. We provide a single point of contact. A member of our team is committed to your account and sees it through to the end. If for some reason a job needs to change hands, a thorough briefing takes place. We take timely delivery very seriously and understand the stress caused by the number of shipments our clients expect over a short space of time. 

Hidden fees. Expensive add-ons are pervasive in the events industry with some venues applying fees at the eleventh hour for services that many assume are a given. 

We are transparent with all costings and give accurate bespoke quotations based on your brief. We never hide our fees and always recommend the most cost-effective option for our clients. 

Managing intricate logistics. While festivals are a hugely rewarding project to host, there are inevitably a large number of more tedious and fiddly aspects that need careful consideration. 

This is half of the service that we provide. Branding choices can be bewildering, particularly for newer events. Not only do we pride ourselves on using premium materials, but our experience in the industry makes us comfortable recommending and handling these intricacies. At every stage, we aim to demystify confusion over the differences between products, their finishing options, fastening methods, and so on.

Difficulty finding sponsors. Sponsors are often crucial in making festivals a reality and in order to secure their backing, you naturally have to offer them something in return.

Again, that’s half of what we do. Our branding products are an attractive proposition for potential investors, from beautiful pitch banners to Heras Fence crowd control barriers, we have an extensive portfolio of options available to promote your event and your investors 

Financial investment providing ROI. Festivals often require a sizable financial investment. When spending this amount of money, one would like to be confident that no pound is being wasted. 

We are mindful of the upfront costs associated with festival and event organisation. We provide effective branding assets and assume complete responsibility for the timely delivery of an excellent product.

We are branding specialists. We are continually seeking out innovative solutions for our clients, removing as many of these pain-points as we can. We offer an uncompromising commitment to achieving deadlines while providing cost-effective branding solutions for a broad range of live events. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please call our London office on 0208 988 9100.





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