Sunbaba’s product insight into Mambo Backlit

Over the past 6 months, Sunbaba has been working with an exciting new material that is being used to add a new dimension to indoor graphics. Showcased in our 2018 Showmans Show exhibition stand using seasonal backlit artwork, passers-by were encouraged to interact and engage with the material and understand how the effect is created.

Mambo Backlit is a state-of-the-art, woven polyester-based material. It can be used to produce high quality prints with maximum colour brilliance and is perfect for use in Tension Fabric Systems due to its slight elasticity. Alongside the visual aspect lies the topic of safety; Mambo comes with its own fire resistance certificate to assure it meets event safety standards within Europe.

The material is not susceptible to stress whitening and is also able to be folded without creasing. This opens many doors with regards to transportation techniques. Folding the material into more compact packages for delivery enables the material to be transported further for less. For many, this is a real benefit when travelling across the globe for different events.

The real versatility of the material is demonstrated in the print techniques available to us. A digital print process can be used and admired as a standard high-definition piece. Alternatively, our 3-layer print process can be utilised as seen with our Showmans Show backdrop; this allows different levels of light through so certain areas light up whilst others remain opaque. This diffusion of light brings the graphics to life and enables a 3D effect to encompass the audience.


Mambo in action:

A shining example of one of our projects using Mambo Backlit was for a 2018 Rock ‘n Roll-style pantomime of Dick Whittington. The ‘town square’ was surrounded by brick houses adorned with windows. When day turned to night, the windows lit up from behind with the house itself remaining opaque. This effect added a great new level of interaction to the performance and was praised by the production team.


“The show was a great success and the set look lovely. It lit really well, dare I say better than I thought. Thanks again for everything on this production, it was very easy working with you.”

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre | Freedom Leisure. January 2019.


If you’re looking for your next branded asset to stand out from the crowd, get in touch with our Sunbaba team who can assist you with any queries.






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