The Showman’s Show 2019

Sunbaba Stand at The Showman's Show

The Showman’s Show 2019 has come to a close and we were delighted to exhibit for our 22nd year this October. With over 4500 visitors and an excess of 350 exhibitors, the Showman’s Show is a fantastic opportunity not only to demonstrate our own product range and expertise but also to learn about new techniques, materials and approaches from other industry experts. 

Our stand demonstrated our Mambo Backlit  material: a three-layered light-box print solution. This back-lit system combines a black-out masking layer which stencils the desired areas for light transfer, a white middle-layer to maximise light diffusion across the material, and lastly a full composition of the chosen design on the outermost layer. The result is vibrant and eye-catching and we were very pleased with the feedback this year. 

This year, we wanted to use The Showman’s Show as both an opportunity to showcase our production expertise and also as a chance to give a shout-out to a range of our clients of all shapes and sizes. These include music festivals, sporting events, trade shows, exhibitions, live tours, retail launches and corporate functions, a list that grows year on year as we continue to develop our production methods and applications.

Close-up of Sunbaba's Stand at The Showman's Show

This year, as you may have already seen, we used the Showman’s Show as an event from which to launch our Mindful Management campaign: #CalmlyAddingColourToYourEvent. 

This concept is short-hand for a key principle of ours at Sunbaba. Event Management is ranked among the most stressful occupations in the professional world due to the multiplicity of moving parts, decisions and stakeholders involved in bringing events into fruition. It is an industry riddled with pain-points and complications. What we do is remove as many of these pain-points as we can, making the branding process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. 

Moreover, we encourage you to some (actual) colouring in of your own. Mindfulness and other positive mental-health related services and practices have rightly received a lot of attention over recent years and we aim to contribute to that effort: from the simplification of a stressful industry, through to the inclusion of mindfulness-colouring bundles with our sample packs.

It was great to see guests and exhibitors take 5 minutes to themselves and we look forward to continuing to see what people make of them. 

#CACTYE - Mindful Colouring-in

Thanks again to everyone who said hello this week,  it was a pleasure talking to you and we’ll be in touch soon with your samples.





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