The Decade Challenge

Many of you will have seen posts flying about on social media around ‘The Decade Challenge’, comparing up-to-date photos with counterparts from ten years ago. 

The end of a decade, or the start of a new one, is a great time to reflect on your personal and professional growth and to set your aims and expectations for the next ten to come.

Sunbaba has come a long way in the last 10 years. We’ve taken on a new director, we’ve helped bring a wide selection of iconic events to life, we’ve launched a new campaign focused on taking the pain out of the branding process.

We’ve made significant progress in terms of R&D too. 

Our exhibition stands have transformed from basic screen-printed meshes to digitally printed lightbox and tension fabric systems. We can now print photographic quality up to 5 metres on increasingly recyclable material. 

Exhibition Stand Comparison

We’ve had a lot of experience with building wraps too, from immersive promotional materials to traditional construction concealing. Again, our ability to digitally print widths of five metres has been a game-changer in this area, really opening up the possibilities for one of the most powerful and high-impact forms of outdoor advertising.

Building wraps

It’s certainly nice to reflect on this progress, and 10 years is a good checkpoint to look back from. 

But, among the nostalgia of The Decade Challenge, #ThrowbackThursdays and McCartney’s headline slot at Glastonbury, it’s also wise to look forward. The next decade will see major changes in our industry, some predictable, some not.

Sustainability will rightly soar up the list of priorities for event organisers and attendees. Work-related stress and mental health will receive more of the attention that it needs. Production techniques and materials will continue to become more sophisticated, changing with the growing demand for indoor and outdoor events and experiences.

We’ve given some thought to where we would like to be the next time this challenge rolls around.

We will continue to phase in the most environmentally sound options and make the current environmental cost of our range more transparent.

We will continue with our Calmly Adding Colour To Your Event (#CACTYE) campaign, addressing the fact that events management consistently ranks among the most stressful professions. 

We will continue, as industry leaders, to innovate. We are excited by where the industry is heading and we look forward to looking back on our best decade yet.






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