Wimbledon, the world’s most prestigious tournament, commences today. The inaugural Wimbledon Championship started on 9th July 1877, the year after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The Gentlemen’s Singles was the only event held. It was won by Spencer Gore, an old Harrovian rackets player. About 200 spectators paid one shilling each to watch the final. 

There are many things about Wimbledon that make it such an iconic event; the all-white uniform of the competitors, the dark green and purple, strawberries and cream. Unusually, their approach to marketing is also included in this list. Their subtle use of sponsorship is a great example of clever marketing and understatement enforcing a strong brand association without the need for expensive gimmickry. Alexandra Willis, head of communications, content and digital for the All England Lawn Tennis Club explains how ‘Wimbledon is the hero brand, and that [the role of the sponsors] is to help… tell the Wimbledon story.’ Rolex has been the ‘official timekeeper of Wimbledon’ for 40 years, and Slazenger, part of the longest partnership in sporting goods history, has been the Official Supplier of tennis balls to The Championships since 1902. 

The Slazenger Lawn Tennis Ball

Slazenger’s first balls were hand-sewn and no two were exactly alike. 20 years later and the balls were still hand-made through a lengthy and highly skilled process. Today, many years and refinements later, Slazenger continues to pioneer the development of sporting goods. Hydroguard technology, a tighter weave of the finest wool, ultra-visibility dye. Their commitment to innovation and quality has made them one of the oldest surviving sporting brand names and an iconic partner of perhaps the most esteemed sporting event on the planet.  

Since 1987, Sunbaba has followed this same philosophy. Since our launch, we have been sure to regularly and rigorously review our practices, ensuring the use of the best possible materials.  We take a collaborative approach, internally and externally, which guarantees that our clients’ branding choices are met with careful consideration at every stage, and we continue to draw inspiration from both Wimbledon and Slazenger in this unique story of simplicity, innovation, dedication, and excellence.





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